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This page last updated Nov 2009.

This page will show any new information that comes to light to update this website.

NEW - Nov 2009
A stunning color profile of the 'Muirneag' available from Kathy Bray of Bray Prints

NEW - July 2009
Some new photos contributed by Alan Barron from the Nairn Museum of his families McIntosh built Zulu - Nansen INS 2444 & Steam Drifter - Holme Rose INS 372. Also of another Nairn Zulu - Crown INS 542
See more detailed information on these Nairn fishing boats on the INS page

NEW - March 2008

This lovely clear old photo shows BCK 144 COULARDBANK coming into Wick Harbour. More details HERE

NEW - Jan 2008

A new photo posted by ally from Findochty of the 1904 launching of the McIntosh built BF1553 STATELY on TrawlerPhotos

NEW - December 2007
The page on the loss of BF 1560 COMELY while returning from Yarmouth in 1893, has just been updated

NEW - September 2007

Marine artist John Baird has contributed some excellent drawings of Scottish fishing boats.

NEW - April 2007

A new section on the family tree of the McIntosh boatbuilding family is under construction. Click the pic.

The first steam powered vessel launched in the Buckie district was the steam liner White Rose A 169 launched in Nov 1899. This page has just been updated

Watch the progress of Ian McIntosh's model of BCK 209 'Jeannie McIntosh'

NEW - May 2007 Click for more info on the Scaffie page.

Find out more about

And also the Mesothelioma Fund

Update Highlights

NEW - July 2009 - some images from Alan Barron

Nansen INS 2444
with a good catch at Yarmouth & Crown INS 542

Holme Rose INS 372 - At Yarmouth
(above left) - c1932 at Nairn? (above right) - & (below) At service in WW1. Note the 6lb gun she carried while on piloting duties in the Cromarty Firth/Invergordon.

NEW - May 2008 - some new images of Muirneag and some of her surviving relics

More information and images on the Muirneag page

NEW - September 2007 - BINGO!!

This photo is the only existing one known of William R. McIntosh b1853 d1927, shown here with some of his family in the mid 1920's.

NEW - April 2007

The 'Jeannie McIntosh' now has her own page HERE giving details of her involvement at Dunkirk.

New September 2007
Andy Adams of Harwich has provided some new information on the fate of 'Jeannie McIntosh' after Dunkirk, and a newspaper clipping referring to her after she was scrapped. Again HERE

This pic was taken at the National Maritime Museum store in April 2005. The model of the 'Muirneag' is being viewed by Eileen McKeag of Ireland, who is a great granddaughter of W.R. McIntosh, being the builder of the original boat.

NEW - January 2008

This photo of GY349 Bloom (launched 1907 as BF933 - later SH217) was kindly contributed by watercolour artist & Grimsby steam trawler enthusiast Steve Farrow from his collection. It appears from this photo that BLOOM may have suffered considerable scuffing damage around the bow area.

NEW - January 2008

This photo of BCK9 Fear Not - launched 1908 and taken at Yarmouth was contributed by Dick Sloan, from his collection. Many, many old shipping photos have been posted by Dick on the SHIPSNOSTALGIA website.
Other photos of BCK Fear Not can be seen HERE and on the McIntosh BCK boat list page HERE

NEW - October 2007

This postcard taken sometime prior to 1918 shows two dark sheds in the foreground. The long shed on the right was probably used for the storage & seasoning of timber. The dark sheds in the distance on the beach were probably used for storing herring nets. Note the small boat on the beach.

NEW - August 2007

The new Buckie District Fishing Heritage Centre has McIntosh built BRAMBLE BCK 137 featured on the logo. Why not become a member?

BRAMBLE again on a new mural at the centre.

A picture of an oil painting of BRAMBLE BCK 137 taken and contributed by Jim Morrison.

Click for larger image

NEW - July 2007

Original memo page contributed by Ian McIntosh

This page probably dates back to the early 1900's

Note the difference to the more elaborate memo used around 1909 shown below

A larger image of this memo head can be seen HERE

Click for readable size image

NEW - May 2007

Banffshire Advertiser, Thursday August 23rd 1956 - Obituary notice
(Courtesy Mike & Eileen McKeag).

A photo of the McIntosh Steam Drifter BF 304 GUIDING STAR with other drifters at Cullen HERE

The McIntosh built zulu BF 1091 PASS AWAY renamed LAUREL - still fishing with an engine in this 1950's photo. HERE (The engine from the LAUREL is in the fisheries museum at Anstruther). And another pic of LAUREL HERE

A photo of the McIntosh Steam Drifter BCK 9 FEAR NOT unloading fish HERE

(All three images thanks to ally from Findochty)

This photo of the crew of 'Jeannie McIntosh' was contributed by Ian McIntosh, great grandson of the builder, W.R. McIntosh, and brother to Eileen shown above.

Headstones of some of the McIntosh boatbuilding family in the old Rathven cemetery.

The photo below shows the steam drifter BCK 63 'Unison', (Steel - built 1910 Smith's Dock, Middlesborough). The following information is from David Cowie of British Columbia
'The UNISON survived WW2 and ended up in Buckie harbour.My father who was an officer in the Royal Navy during WW2 purchased a 75 foot wood liberty vessel (tender) from the government after the war. She was finished but never put into service.Power was a 160bhp Lister Blackstone.The original superstructure was removed and the steel Wheelhouse, Engine Casing and Galley was removed from BCK 63 and installed on the new vessel which was named UNISON ( BCK 143). The BCK 63 was then scrapped. I'm not sure but I think was about 1947. I was about 10 at the time and made my first summer fishing trip on the "old" UNISON before she was scrapped'.

Postcard below showing BF2 'Lemnos' (Steel - also built 1910 Smith's Dock, Middlesborough) crossing the bar near Yarmouth. Many thanks to Jock Flett, formerly from Findochty for the picture.

The 'Lizzie Birrell' shortly after launching at Findochty Harbour, September 1913. She was a steam drifter built at the nearby yard of Herd & MacKenzie, Crooked Hythe, Findochty. The hulls of the completed steam drifters built at yards in the area, were towed to places such as Aberdeen, to have the steam engine & deck houses fitted.

This contribution from Brenda has some images of the Jappy fishing family from Buckie and an oil painting of the steam drifter BCK 62.

Here is a couple of not so easy to find interesting snippets.

The loss of Comely BF 1560 on the way home from Yarmouth in the great gale of November 1893.

The loss of the Victory BF 656 at Thurso in 1905.