January 2 to March 25
March 26 to May 20
May 21 to July 15
July 16 to September 9
September 10 to November 4
November 5 to December 31

Nov 5 Sun Got relieved by 3rd Battalion and came back to reserves. Had a good feed and plenty of rum.
6 Mon Got relieved from reserves by 11th Battalion and marched back to a rest camp about 2 miles. Stopped one night.
7 Tu On the move again, marched out 3 miles to another camp. Plenty of mud we are camped in
8 Wed tents but they are very wet and musty. Had a M.G. parade under our new officer Mr Web.
9 Th Went for a bath about 3 miles down the road next to the railway line. Had M.G. practice.
10 Fri Same as usual, M.G. practice. Went up before Cpt Price and got crimed for losing a machine gun.
11 Sat Went down to M.G. carts and oiled them and fixed handles on them. Still very muddy but no rain.
Mem Very heavy bombardment artillery going all day and night, it never seems to stop.

Nov 12 Sun Left the reserve trench and marched through mud and slush to Dernancourt - 7 miles.
13 Mon Stopped at Dernancourt and marched to Ribemont (Ribemont-sur-l'Ancre?) about 3 miles, a lot of German prisoners.
14 Tu Went out on parade with M.G. under Mr Webb and also cleaned up and oiled the guns.
15 Wed Cleaned up the small bun carts and oiled them. Getting ready for the road tomorrow.


Nov 23 We went to the M.G. school had another light parade. M.G. parade.
24 - 25 Fri - Sat M.G. parade St. Sauvere

26 Nov - 29 Sun - Wed Nothing startling only M.G. parade.
30 Th Left St Sauvere and marched behind the limbers to Lahoussoye - about 10 miles.
Dec 1 Fri Left Lahoussoye and marched to Ribermont about 4 miles. A very small place about
2 Sat 6 miles from Albert. Ribemont is not a very large place and no estaminets open.
Mem You can hear the guns quite plainly from here.

Dec 3 Sun Church parade at Ribermont.
4 Mon M.G. parade. Went in for a bath to Heilly. Caught a cold.
5 Tu I am feeling very crook and have got a terrible cough.
6 Wed Left Ribemont and marched to Mametz Wood, about 7 miles.
7 Th Went on sick parade. We are camped in huts everything is mud, the ?? are cleaning up a bit.
8 Fri Went on fatigue carrying white chalk metal from an old German
9 Sat trench. Cleaning the pathway with shovels. The mud is very thick and deep.
Mem Our balloons are very close to our camp.

Dec 10 Sun Old Fritz sent over a mob of aeroplanes and bombarded a camp
11 Mon very close to us. Left our old camp and marched up towards the firing line to
12 Tu another camp. This camp is also very muddy.
13 Wed Road fatigue as usual.
14 Th Went on fatigue putting in a cable.
15 Fri A very heavy cold, got light duties and stayed inside.
16 Sat Road making at cosy corner.

Dec 17,18,19,20 Sun - Wed Road making at cosy corner.
21 Th Colonel Carvel? took charge of
22 Fri the M.G. section.
23 Sat Left our old camp and marched to Birnacourt Wood
Mem about 3 miles. We carried all guns and magazines.

Dec 24 Sun Left Adelaide camp and went on fatigue up to Delville Wood about 3 miles.
25 Mon Went on fatigue again. Had bread and cheese for dinner and got warned about going on leave.
26 Tu Left Birnacourt Wood and marched into Albert about 8 miles, got on board the train 2pm.
27 Wed All day in train, very cold took us 24hrs to go to Havre . Marched into a rest
28 Th camp at 3am, got detailed off for our boats also got rations issued.
29 Fri Embarked at Havre and went across to Southampton - 6 hours. Stopped at W.C.F. this night.
30 Sat Had a good look around London and went to the Daly's theatre that night. Slept at W.C.F.
31 Sun Had dinner at W.C.F.