The Building of the Model of BCK 209 'Jeannie McIntosh'

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Here we have the portholes glazed and fitted - they were glazed by dropping a little clear epoxy into the turned porthole.
The wheelhouse is glazed with clear acetate.
The forward mast is rigged and the funnel has its graphics on!
All items are dry fitted at the moment, thats why some have got a lean on - its NOT me working on it after drinking malt!

On this build i gave myself a distraction, and here is the result - SKITZO!

Here are some pics of the wheelhouse assembled, with wheel, voice tube, telegraph and binnacle inside.

I have also fitted the nav lights and the deck lights, which are all wired ready for connection to the switch units later.

Got the superstructure all stuck together, fittings made and fitted.

Lights fitted and working, they flicker, but the still pics dont show that.

Jeannie has had her bum wet in the domestic test tank - the bath! And ballast added as needed. I used old, no good batteries as ballast. Not far off maiden voyage now.

Jeannie Mcintosh has had her maiden voyage - it all went very well, no surprises or leaks!

I tried to get a picture from a similar angle to the one taken of the original Jeannie. I think it came out ok.

This is the original here Ian. Yes - definitely came out OK!

Dinghy now has oars, and a barrel on the poop

Net buoys made from expanded polystyren balls, with a loop of black cable glued in. 1st attempt at glue - cyno - ball melted, used pva ok! 1st attempt at paint - used spray, came up like a golf ball with a rash! used humbrol enamels.

Lifebelt graphics done on ms word and printed onto waterslide paper. lifebelt mounts made of styrene.

Another barrel, bucket and home made ladder.

Coal sacks

Grabrail on wheelhouse front & tarpaulin clamp around the hatch.

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