The Building of the Model of BCK 209 'Jeannie McIntosh'

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I wish the motor and prop did come as a matching pair!
No, its guesswork!. The motor is a 12 pole low revving high torque unit from buhler running on 12v at the moment. If its too slow I can up the voltage to 24v max, the speed controller is also ok to 24v. so I have a bit of room to play with.

The prop is a standard marine type prop ( not RN, they are different), sized to fit in the space available!
There isnt much in the way of standardisation for these things (motor/props) as there are so many (thousands) of motors, props, boat combinations possible.

Been busy on the deck planking, all done and rubbed down now. Requires a sealant on it to finish. The deck planks are cedar, same as the hull planks.

I made a former for the funnel and rolled 1/64 ply onto it, held together with masking tape until it dried.

Took ages to work out how to do the chain steering. I had to resurrect schoolboy maths to calculate the angles and lengths needed to convert the servo operation of 30 deg swing each side of centre to rudder operation of 45deg each side of centre - anyway it works!

Made the mast foot from brass sheet.

I have put timber on the superstructure to simulate panelling.

I have also put in the frame tops around the gunn'ls - I think they are known as timberheads.

I looked again at the mast foot and decided it wasnt that good, so made another, much better I think.

I spent the rest of the day throwing paint at her, most of the superstructure is done now, the funnel and some areas need a second coat, but its not looking so bad now.

Well, more time on Jeannie, got some rigging done, hinges fitted and a few little bits and pieces made, installed the motor again after varnishing the hull, all was going swimmingly until....................DISASTER!

I fumbled the wheelhouse, instinctively tried to catch it and broke some of the window frames!!! Dont know if its repairable yet or if its a new build job, I walked away from it!

These are the single blocks for jeannie, I still have to make the doubles and one triple.

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