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Fishing Boats

The photo above shows the steam drifter BCK 63 'Unison', (Steel - built 1910 Smith's Dock, Middlesborough). The following information is from David Cowie of British Columbia.
'The UNISON survived WW2 and ended up in Buckie harbour. My father who was an officer in the Royal Navy during WW2 purchased a 75 foot wood liberty vessel (tender) from the government after the war. She was finished but never put into service. Power was a 160bhp Lister Blackstone. The original superstructure was removed and the steel Wheelhouse, Engine Casing and Galley was removed from BCK 63 and installed on the new vessel which was named UNISON ( BCK 143). The BCK 63 was then scrapped. I'm not sure but I think was about 1947. I was about 10 at the time and made my first summer fishing trip on the "old" UNISON before she was scrapped'.

Postcard above showing BF2 'Lemnos' (Steel - also built 1910 Smith's Dock, Middlesborough) crossing the bar near Yarmouth. Many thanks to Jock Flett, formerly from Findochty for the picture.

'Princess Arthur' BF386 - Built by George Innes, Macduff - 15hp 4 cylinder, paraffin engine - Steam capstan - Accommodation for 8 - Seine Net from anchor - 5 crew - Subsequently sold "south" in 1937 - Registration BA138 - Ballantrae registered.
This picture was taken in 1925 entering Lowestoft.

This picture & information was sent by Graeme Robinson from the US, formerly from MacDuff, Scotland. The 'Princess Arthur' (if you think that is an unusual name check this out) was owned by his great/great grandfather John MacKay of MacDuff. John MacKay's previous boat was the McIntosh built steam drifter BF 343 Silverscale which he owned from new in 1911 until 1914.